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The HoldOn2Hope Project is a space meant to unite creatives in mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Art moves people. It can transmute pain into hope, struggle into power. When these artists show up to the page, canvas, lens, clay or preferred medium, they are bravely and vulnerably honoring their journey and by doing so, they are also creating a sanctuary for others to feel seen too. Mental health is a topic so often shrouded in silence and stigma and we are committed to breaking that silence with our stories. 



This collective was founded by Rocky Callen, author of A Breath Too Late. Her own experiences with mental health issues and suicidal ideation led her to write her YA novel and after writing it, she knew that her mission of suicide prevention and mental health advocacy went beyond the page. It is her mission to gather the stories and talents of creatives to offer messages of hope to those who feel lost in the dark. 

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